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Leverint bespoke: customising your lighting

Lighting can transform the dullest of spaces, adds layers and embellish the moodiest of interiors but can it speak to you, reflect your style and throw nostalgia and escapism into the mix. We believe every lighting design has the power to transform you to a place and time, whether that be pendant lights, wall lights or a cluster chandelier, there’s room for personalisation in every piece. 

With every light comes a lovely paradigm of storytelling, from glassblowing by actual humans to the unique assembly of our products, hand-craftsmanship is reflected in each and every detail. Our custom capabilities cover every aspect of the lighting experience, read on to find out how. 

custom ceiling plates 

Our bespoke abilities don’t just extend to the shade itself, we often custom-cut, colour-match and scale our ceiling plates to suit our client’s preferences. Executed through a number of handheld processes for absolute precision and efficiency. 

Our skilled designers find solutions to apex, decorative, pitched ceilings alongside other architectural restrictions, providing personal lighting centrepieces that fully reflect your creative potential.

unlimited options

Customisable luxurious flexes, bespoke bulbs, hand-plated rods and finishes, there’s so much more to placing your own stamp on a bespoke product than most realise. 

Need help with personalisation? Our dedicated team of designers can assist; offering 2D/3D models, consultations and product samples to help bridge the gap between vision and reality. 

ip44-rated lighting 

Did you know? At Leverint we’re able to transform any wall or pendant light of your choosing into an IP44 rated fixture, allowing for ample choice when it comes to illuminating all those wetter environments. 

That means you no longer have to scale down your options when it comes to lighting bathrooms, en-suites and wetter areas inside your kitchen, you can modify any pendant, wall light or bespoke pendant cluster from our extensive range and create your very own IP44 rated lighting solution.

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