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4 key Q&As about Leverint’s new partnership

There’s no denying clarity is of paramount importance when it comes to brands; we want to know the origins, the designer’s influences, how sustainable their methods were in regards to their approach and durability, were their processes ethical? With Leverint’s glassblowing team steeped in British history and a century-long heritage embroiled in British engineering– we knew Made In Britain offered the right tools to lay our ethos bare, providing visibility for all those on the lookout for authentic British lighting.

A collective widely renowned for promoting and preserving British craftsmanship brands with a single registered logo, Made in Britain allows consumers and buyers across the UK and worldwide to easily identify with British-made goods and guarantee them standards of excellent quality. With a whole host of benefits and values, we paired up with the enterprise to ensure our lighting embodied our ethos: British-made, luxury lighting with an bespoke, craftsmanship edge.

Discover more about our journey with MIB beneath.

1) Why did you join the collective?

A) We chose to partner up with the Made In Britain collective due to their reach and most importantly what they represent. As an enterprise widely renowned for supporting, protecting and promoting British manufacturers, we recognised it aligned with our quality values and further solidified who we are behind our lighting brand.

We aren’t just bespoke creators working out of Britain, but advocates of the British engineering and authentic practises – that’s what we strive for in our products and exactly what our glassblowing team delivers. The experience and adeptness of our artisans allow for striking architectural light fittings that transform hallways, stairwells, bedrooms, kitchens – as well as the very sense of state and mood of the room.

2) Does your company ethos align with theirs?

A) Our brand’s ethos certainly aligns with Made In Britain’s core values; sourcing material in the heart of our workshop we choose to steer away from cheap glass exports and create strictly from inside our London studio. We work on a made-to-order basis, this is so if our clients wish to make a change, alter their specifications or desire a truly bespoke piece we have the power to work with them and actualise their vision accordingly.

Made in Britain adds to this transparent, open process – ensuring our customers we’re a certified British-made lighting company who care about delivering high quality results in all aspects of their experience.

Q3) What does their logo symbolise? How does it reflect on you?

A) Made In Britain’s logo can only be used by members who manufacture products in the territory of GB and Northern Island. The mark symbolises a promise of high quality craftsmanship in all aspects and a responsibility to ethical practices in terms of where our materials are sourced and how our pendants, wall lights, clusters and bespoke designs become a reality.

The collective logo protects businesses like ours, ensuring Leverint Lighting is easily identifiable as a British-made goods provider and our lighting reflects durable engineered results with impeccable standards. 

Q4) What will this partnership achieve for you as a lighting brand? 

A) To be recognised alongside other highly skilled British manufactures is a phenomenal milestone for Leverint Lighting. Made In Britain reinforces what we strive to achieve each and every day; the passion, the dedication to our craft, this collective encompasses all of that with a single signature mark.

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