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Lighting Solutions

At Leverint Lighting, we don’t just design and build sumptuous handcrafted lighting arrangements, it’s our pleasure to create something truly unique for you – empowering your imagination so that your lighting is as individual and creative as you are.


Upon enquiry, our first step is to gage your vision, the project involved and create a channel of open, trusted communication in which we explore your creativity and transform your concept into a bespoke reality.

From there we progress your build over the phone, email or via a consultation meeting in our Worcestershire or London offices, depending on your preferences. Working with you at every stage we take your dimensions and parameters and use them to build detailed 3D renders, alongside 2D models and in-depth sketches, allowing for transparency between all parties and the chance for you to make any modifications ahead of production.

Due to the bespoke nature of our company, it brings us great pleasure we’re able to incorporate design, craft and production all under one roof, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and the ability to update you in every stage of your enquiry. Our in-house approach at our London, UK studio grants us the freedom to complete new groundbreaking designs in the lighting industry and customise accordingly. With over a hundred years in the glassblowing industry, our experienced glassmakers meet the highest standards of practises, processes and quality.

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Consultation & Design Review

From commencement to completion we listen to your specifications, guide you through our ranges, then design and craft the perfect light for you and your interior concepts.

Whether you need a bespoke chandelier for your home, living or work environments; commercial or hospitality lighting scheme we accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities with our modern, classic and contemporary lighting ranges.

The design team can assist you in creating a truly unique product by offering thousands of different custom-build options where you choose everything from the number of hand-blown glass shades, glass profiles, premium quality LED light bulbs to hand-plated metalwork finishes, silk flexes, rods and attachments. We also laser cut ceiling plates in all shapes and scales, implement gridded frames and suspension rings to accommodate bespoke clusters in stairwells, larger atriums and entrance halls. Few companies can offer the same level of customisable options Leverint provides.

Clients can often be restricted by specific roof designs and types of ceilings so we provide solutions in detail to these ahead of the crafting process. Whether it’s a demanding space, pitched, glass roof, decorative or plastered ceilings we can have clever lighting solutions for all these complex areas. With Leverint, the bespoke possibilities are endless.

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At the end stages we review any changes, check you’re satisfied with the final design and send it across to production where your light will be glass-blown by our adept glassmakers.

They are then assembled, wired and tested accordingly by experienced technicians, whilst complying to UK and European regulations. We can also accommodate various other lighting standards i.e UL for the US. The collective effort and liaison between every Leverint member is a key component to our extraordinary results.

Following the hand-finished process, we offer complete guidance on installation either directly with the client, site contractor or the project manager allowing you full coverage on all aspects of the lighting process. Aftercare is as essential to us as the rest of the journey, so we pride ourselves on providing easy solutions when it comes to maintenance, simple installations, instructions on how to clean your lights efficiently and general check-ins with to ensure your experience has been nothing short of excellent.

Every single project we undertake is met with equal consideration.

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Bespoke Lighting Projects

At Leverint we’ve worked on bespoke lighting throughout the UK and worldwide, including residential projects, commercial and innovative hospitality schemes, you can trust our wealth of knowledge and lighting expertise to guide you at every stage. Handcrafted ceiling pendant lights, traditional wall and surface lights, modern cluster chandeliers and tailor-made design, our team build on your vision for a piece that matches your exact requirements. Need lighting inspiration? Explore our wonderful portfolio of timeless lighting in real-life images.

Bespoke Multi Pendant Cluster Styles

Every project is incredibly diverse, which is why we offer an array pendant clusters to overcome any challenges that may occur within the build. A style for every occasion, our cascade pendant cluster light complements grand-scale entrances, whilst our vertical clusters accommodate modest nooks and narrower stairwells, with our unique formations we can cater for any space. On occasion interior designs have their limitations in the form of architectural restrictions, problematic roofing or a plastered, decorative, pitched ceilings, which is why we implement many workaround practises to ensure your lighting meets your exact specifications.

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