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Leverint Lighting has pioneered a collection of striking modern, contemporary and classic lighting, whilst offering a bespoke design service that fully embraces commercial and hospitality design.

Commercial Lighting Projects

From inside our London workshop, our fusion of innovative creation and classic glassblowing allow us to offer an infinite range of lighting styles to interior designers, architects, specifiers, consumers and retailers on a worldwide scale, ensuring versatility and the freedom to get creative. From office to hotel Lighting we offer a highly-tailored service for a personal experience that explores every avenue. Discover our collection of commercial and hospitality lighting and begin your project with us today.

Trade Programme

Looking to gain more knowledge on the Leverint product range and see what other capabilities we have to offer?

Our Trade programme is structured for interior designers, architects, stylists and industry professionals who have a registered business. Joining will give you unlimited access to unique discounts, exclusive product content, trade events and lighting expertise with our designers who have been in the industry for decades. We offer technical specifications, CAD models, extra design assistance, custom order support and global shipping to comply with all your interior design needs.

Sign up to join our trade programme here.

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Commercial Lighting Solutions

With hospitality and commercial projects there are various lighting combinations to consider, we provide luxury hotel lighting, industrial bar lighting, alongside restaurants, office and retail lighting crafting phenomenal visuals where fine art meets functionality.

Our high-end finishes and timeless glass artistry result in transformative lighting with the power to upscale substantial projects to exquisite effect.

Whether your seeking multi pendant clusters for striking stairwells, ceiling pendant lights for dining and bar areas or IP44 rated lighting for bathroom and en-suite designs, Leverint Lighting brings contemporary, modern and classic lighting styles that seamlessly integrate into the project at hand.For different settings creating the ideal aesthetic is key, so when it comes to customising your lighting there are no limitations.

We have a variety of glass shades, clear, ribbed and transparent black being our main contenders and metal spun shades to complement industrial and modern schemes. Our hand-plated metalwork comes with a salient selection of luxurious silk flex options to mix and match, either chosen from our standard selection or reimagined. We also offer the latest dimmable LED light bulbs on the market, with a number of super stylish designs to choose from.

All combined with the right features, our lighting produces the perfect illuminative focal point for any specified space, interior or brand.
We also have a highly skilled lighting design team adept in creating custom fittings for those seeking exclusivity in their living spaces.

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Visualising your Design

It can be challenging to visualise lighting within a specific area so to overcome this, we provide our clients with 3d/2D models and in-situ renders for our clients based on dimensions and parameters.

These visuals draw upon the collective imagination of our design team and clients and present in a tangible way, showcasing the lighting in its desired location. In depth, models depict the drop, scale, number of lights and the overall presentation of the design, enabling an entirely transparent experience, where the finish is exhibited ahead of the crafting process. This exclusive service allows for flexibility, changes and an openness between all parties involved.

Explore our bespoke design service here and let us create something truly unique together.

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Shared Narrative

We encourage partnerships with interior designers, architects, retailers and many other connections of this scope, placing great importance in maintaining and helping these collaborations thrive.

Seeing our lights flourish in cultivated, passion-led projects throughout the UK and worldwide brings us immense joy and we welcome the expertise and level of care from all parties involved. In regards to assistance, we provide numerous lighting services involving one-on-one appointments; site visits to our London workshop and design studio, glassblowing, skilled demonstrations and if dealing with large projects we offer glass profiles and fitting samples for a more tactile experience.

From bespoke design to the full Leverint range, our lighting designers offer skilled recommendations and experienced advice on choices to complement the overall concept, if required by the client. With an insight into their vision, we can create a finish that works in perfect harmony with their decoration, colour scheme and space.

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