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5 bespoke lighting ideas and tips that make a statement in the home

We all love to make a striking impact in our homes and lights – more often than not, are the unsung heroes of statement-making interiors…

Lovely luminosity can manifest an atmosphere, serve a touch of drama and not only that, seek to create a sense of centrality which many feel drawn to. With the right ambience and lighting combinations you can modify your interior spaces and make a bold, creative statement inside your home.

From clever customisation to wow-factor arrangements, here are 5 illuminating ideas guaranteed to get the most out of your lighting…

1. suspend your pendant lights at different heights

Waterloo Pendant Cluster in clear glass, transparent black glass and ribbed glass.

Hanging your pendant lights at varying heights make for a much more dazzling impression and when it comes to cascade lighting, our bespoke pendant clusters present as the finest, luxury lighting solutions.

Through our bespoke approach, you can adjust your drop, pick your own glass profile and even customise the metalwork to match your home interior. Plus, our skilled lighting designers are on hand to guide you through each and every stage of your experience if required.

2. customise your kitchen lights with colour

Wimbledon Large Pendant Lights in clear glass and gold silk flex | Image & Project: K Interiors

Personalised lighting can give your kitchen and living spaces a real oomph! We all need a little boost during the day and reenergising areas through colour and tailored personalisation is the key to achieving just that.

Want to embolden your kitchen island lighting?
Add a note of gold to your silk flex or transform your living room with a pop of green, or pink hand-blown glass. For those requiring a splash of colour and palette-popping design, we offer an extensive selection of coloured glass shades, silk flexes and brushed metalwork to experiment with.

3. create a unique dining lighting showstopper

Custom glass-blown pillar rod cluster project in specialist brushed brass | Katie Barn Nest

We’re officially entering our hosting era over the winter season, so what better time to create your own personal lighting design? We all love to look over the Christmas period and say ‘look I made that’ and a unique lighting centrepiece enables us to delve into that same creative mindset. A one of a kind design introduces true meaning to your dining setting and establishes a bold focal point for all to delight in.

We couldn’t imagine anything more atmospheric than sitting under these glowing candle-inspired pillar lights!

4. pair your wall lights either side of a charming feature

Pairing wall lights either side of a fireplace, mantelpiece, portrait or even a large mirror enhances your living quarters quite dramatically. The symmetrical arrangement cultivates a striking feature point for you to expand on and draw inspiration from.

Inside the bedroom and other relaxing environments a mellow atmosphere is extremely beneficial in order to get the most out of you space. Glass modern pendant lights and bespoke pendant clusters hung either side of your bed and living room furnishings i.e. a sofa or armchair, instantly garner that much-needed balance of soft luminosity to unwind in.

5. scale up your stairwell lighting

Custom Temple Cluster Chandelier featuring in a cascade lighting arrangement

Swapping a modest, outdated piece for a chandelier showstopper or designer cluster light can make for a remarkable first impression. From modern cluster chandeliers to classic and contemporary style lighting, our designer collections aspire to satisfy the ever-changing moods and tastes in the UK and around the world.

Whether you’re seeking an embossed maximalist glass-patterned shade or minimalist sleek glass pendant design, we can create a light that works to your exact specification.

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