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Leverint Lighting on ‘Grand Designs: The Streets’

Have you ever dreamt about creating a composition cool enough to feature on Grand Designs? Well we have… and we got our wish last week. 

In the latter half of Grand Designs:The Streets S3 EP2, Kevin and his team revisited Graven Hill to see the completion of Jitinder’s self-build; an original, Hollywood-style home loaded with contemporary nuances and sleek, open-plan architecture.

The considered layout was a seamless marvel, linked by a single striking half-turn stairwell running through the centre of the home. Guest bedrooms, a home gym, utility room, a mezzanine office and a main suite with a balcony to boot, you name it – this house was limitless in space, design and handcrafted detail- representing a great deal of conscious curation and styling.

With the power of foresight due to the lighting being assembled post-build, pre-decor stages (as is typical with renovations) our job was to build a bespoke design that would highlight the interior’s wonderful elements and draw the eye. In doing so we created the monumental Piccadilly Cascade Cluster light– a cluster chandelier fitting that would enhance and intrigue in any instance.  

In a highly methodical process we collaborated across all bases, involving the client and their desired vision; design team and our glassblowing team, till arriving at an initial proposal. Production and assembly shortly followed and last week we saw the project air on Channel 4 for the very first time. 

Designing our cluster

Where do we start? Well from the beginning our lighting design team knew they needed a design that would rival the sheer scale of this project, whilst aligning with our client’s specifications. After the initial consultations, we floated some ideas about the style, glass profiles, customisation and general assembly.

The Piccadilly‘s cylindrical silhouette and sleek lines adhered to that cool, sophisticated aesthetic that would feature throughout and the clear glass option would allow for unfiltered light and minimalism. The design team also recommended a cascade style cluster chandelier, spanning the height of the build which would enable luminosity to stretch to every corner of the build.

As with all our bespoke projects we provided sketches, 3D and 2D visuals to allow for transparency, so all parties were able to make any modifications before heading to the next step. 

 After a few final decisions, a show-stopping 16 way Piccadilly cascade cluster feature was decided upon. The length of the drop would be made to accommodate the floor-to-ceiling stairwell dimensions and the streamline, close-knit design would enable a seamless installation to glide right down the centre of our client’s 3-story stairwell void.

Workshop Notes

Our team of artisans hand-blew 16 glass pendants in scorching temperatures of up to 2300 degrees, when the materials were pliable enough to manipulate, they moulded and shaped to specification.

Once cooled and finished; wiring, assembly and hand-picked bulbs took centre stage and on this occasion the cool, streamline PAN bulb was chosen for a unique contrast of luminescence. The fitting was then inspected and checked by our skilled technicians, before being approved for delivery.

The overall ambience leant itself to a mellow, contemporary glow, with the cascade arrangement providing focal, widespread luminosity.

– London Workshop, Glass Production

A first look

A completion of timeless, wow-factor stairwell lighting. The modern Piccadilly cluster chandelier contrasted delicate, sleek lighting against defining edges and an iconic, architectural landscape.

Refracting unique light across the entire extent of our client’s renovation, our custom design made its presence known from every corner of its living environment. The streamline assembly and cylindrical glass bodice made for a lighting fitting that highlighted both the bespoke aspects hinted at throughout and led to a striking finish by any standard.


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“From commencement to completion, this bespoke project inspired and elated our team, with a finish we can all be tremendously proud of. It’s been our pleasure to work with such a brilliant client and to feature on an exceptional, well-respected show.”

– Leverint Lighting Team, Supplier

“Wonderful! Great team and great pleasure working with you to create the greatest of chandeliers! Thank you.”

– Jitinder Hari, Owner

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