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Leverint recommends: Discover our top 10 seasonal lighting picks, by room

Spruce up your indoor spaces with cosy seasonal goodness and discover our top seasonal lighting designs and lighting ideas for each room of the house…

As the dark nights draw in, we find solace in the company of snug furnishings, twinkly lights and anything that brings us a sense of warmth. The turning of the season gives interior designers and home stylists the opportunity to really get creative and with Christmas season just over a month away, we decided to explore some of our own sparkling winter lighting recommendations.

We culminated a list of top seasonal lighting picks, from modern wall lights and playful cluster chandeliers to contemporary pendant lights and meticulously designed fittings. Some add a complementary sparkle to high or low ceiling hallways; others present bold, statement ambience for larger dining areas and grander stairwells in need of bespoke LED lighting.

We know from experience it can be challenging to find the right lighting for each space, so these are our recommendations to help beat those winter blues.

The key to all these pieces are their timeless appeal. Seasonal lighting may be in the spotlight today but as for our handmade lighting they appeal to every season.

1 | Kitchen Lighting

Create Centrality

Creating that central point in a home is crucial for Christmas amongst other important occasions, whether you’re prepping, hosting or chatting to guests and members of the family round the dinner table, lighting can add so much atmosphere and warmth when displayed correctly. Our hand-blown kitchen pendant lights and our increasingly popular rod pendants both make striking lighting choices for the kitchen and other areas within that vicinity.

For those seeking a more layered lighting approach, we offer classic and contemporary wall lights and highly adjustable light fittings, that can be manipulated to focus on the task at hand. Very useful indeed!

Rule of Three?

When it comes to kitchen pendants we strongly encourage a linear composition of pendants in alignment with the island, counter or dining table beneath for symmetry and soft, beautifully-scaled lighting. Three pendants work beautifully, but it’s predominantly what suits your space.

Top Seasonal Pick: Waterloo XL (left) for sophisticated seasonal finesse or the Jubilee Pendant (right and featured) in a ribbed glass finish, to add a scalloped winter charm!

2 | Dining Room Lighting

Make Your Statement

Two words – statement piece! The dining room is a natural gathering point; a spot in which family and friends dine, play boards games and share stories over the winter season, so why not complement the atmosphere with a highly personal lighting design. We can help craft a showstopper inspired by you, enabling a piece that represents both character and substance. See our bespoke service and liaise with our lighting designers for something special.

Easy Integration

We recommend choosing a light that will integrate without any hassle, much like everything else in our lives, styling regularly adapts to fit the season or to accommodate a new piece of furniture, so remember to explore all our lighting collections to find a piece that’ll remain true to your inner style.

Top Seasonal Pick: Temple Rod Pendant for chic simplicity and impact.

3 | Bedroom Lighting

Bedside Manner

Cosiness and warmth go hand in hand with our luxurious bedroom illumination. With our contemporary pendant lights, custom clusters and ornate wall lights, we cultivate unrivalled ambiences for varied bedroom schemes and palettes. Those intent on bringing intrigue and drama into the bedroom would be greatly-suited to a designer chandelier in the centre of the room, or if you’re looking to create a dreamy bedroom display, opt for a pendant cascade light either side of the bed, as featured.

Task Lighting

We all like to read a book, have a cup of tea or catch up on work and the bedroom can sometimes be a quiet haven in which to do this. Our selection of quirky wall lights can bring that much-needed character and set a lovely, soft balance throughout, especially when placed in a symmetrical sequence.

Those desiring a more task-orientated wall light, our adjustable lighting picks are compact, mobile and sublime solutions for when supplementary light is required.

Due to our in-house capabilities, we are able to transform any light from our collections into an adjustable variation.

Top Seasonal Pick: Wimbledon Ribbed Pendant Cluster, featured above for a cosy, show-stopping atmosphere in the bedroom.

4 | Living Room Lighting

Relaxation Station

Snuggle up on the sofa this season under the glow of our decorative, handmade lighting. First and foremost, a striking cluster works wonders in transforming a living space, then a pairing of wall or pendant lights to enabling a mellow and nostalgic mood all-round. At times, especially in the colder months the living room can become a winter haven, so treat it like one – add charming wall lights, go bright with coloured-glass pendants or bold with an awe-inspiring design.

Complementary Piece

Since living rooms already play host to an array of modern table lamps, antique floor lamps and various other sources of light, a classic cluster at the centre would work beautifully to complement and emphasise the cosy lounge atmosphere. Living rooms are acquainted personal furnishings, period features, fireplaces and diverse palettes, the perfect light can only help embolden those elements.

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Top Seasonal Pick: Piccadilly Cluster Cascade

Bonus Pick: The Archway Pendant Light, Large

5 | Bathroom Lighting

Stress-Free Zone

When it comes to creating a den of zen, there are many routes to take with bathroom and en-suite lighting. For those in the mood for sleek sophistication, we strongly recommend our Temple Pillar collection. The smooth, precision-cut lines and soothing light make this piece a contender for any contemporary or modern bathroom. More modern and classic style bathrooms would benefit from our hand-blown Pimlico Wall Lights, a collection that emits decorative charm and expands greatly on space.

“Can you create this lighting design for over my bath?

One of our most popular questions is whether we can take a pendant cluster and modify it so it can be safely installed over a bath tub and our answer is YES! With a few minor adaptations, all our lighting can be customised with an IP44 rating for wetter environments.

Top Seasonal Pick: Temple Pillar Lights

Bonus Pick: Pimlico Duo Deco – a recent addition to the Pimlico collection, this powerful wall light merges art-deco nuances with contemporary illumination.

6 | Hallway Lighting

Hallway Heroes

Hallway lighting plays a very important role throughout interiors, often setting expectations for the rest of the rooms and lending light to the darkest nooks and corners.

There’s no rules when it comes to choosing pendants, for those with narrower, smaller spaces view our mini collections and for grander, wider hallways, size up with our larger lighting options – both the paddington and archway leave a wow-factor impression.

Top Seasonal Pick: Camden, Piccadilly and Pimlico Wall Light (featured left to right above)

7 | Entrance Foyer Lighting

Welcome Home

Does your lighting fill you with joy when you walk through your front doors? If not, then start creating a display that does today! Upgrade your entrance and foyer lighting with a standalone pretty pendant light, or illuminate subtly with our collection of chic wall lamps. Your entrance will soon be full of joy and this time of year – festive cheer!

Floor Those First Impressions

Impress your guests and most importantly yourself with an inspiring bespoke pendant cluster. Designed to command the room, our pendant clusters range from vertical installations to cascade features for all types of entrances and foyers. Everything can be customised too, whether that be the hanging pendant lights themselves or the type of lighting style arrangement.

High, low, decorative, glass, rose and other types of ceilings, our experienced lighting designers provide lighting solutions for all areas of the build. Through Leverint’s bespoke service, we walk you through every stage of your light, offering transparency and serious attention to detail.

Top Seasonal Pick: Kingston Cluster Chandelier

8 | Stairwell Lighting

Truly Bespoke

From modest stairways to tiered stairwells and grand-scale staircases, we specialise in lighting recommendations and bespoke lighting designs for these areas. Discover our striking range of stand-out ceiling cluster chandelier lights, where you can mix and match your pendants depending on your design and style. All fully customisable, we work with you to determine the drop, scale and finishing touches for an exquisite finish.  

Which Cluster Style?

Having trouble trying to find the ideal pendant cluster for your stairwell style? View our bespoke page for a plethora of cluster styles, vertical clusters accommodate high ceilings and narrow voids, whilst cascade clusters work exceptionally in grander, open-plan stairwells and some substantially-sized entrances. With over 7 styles to choose from, there’s plenty of choice!

Top Seasonal Pick: Temple Pendant Cluster for its contemporary glamour and novel ambience.

9 | Children’s Bedroom Lighting

Playful, Fun Design

Transform your child’s bedroom with the power of personalised lighting design – you can even get them involved with customisation; glass colours, the shape of the light, arrangement – let their creativity truly take the helm.

Bedroom on the smaller side? Adorn either side of your child’s bedroom wall with a pair of colourful pendant lights or place some fun, colourful globed shades by their bedside to encourage symmetry and cosiness. Larger bedrooms? Opt for a large hanging ceiling pendant or a nested cluster light, which can be scaled and customised with cool and funky colours to match the bedroom’s scheme.

Embrace The Imaginary

The beauty of Leverint’s bespoke is that it allows custom-designed lights to be achieved. Give us a playful imaginary concept and we will do our best to conceive it.

Top Seasonal Pick : Pimlico Custom Pendant Lights (featured above)

Bonus Pick: Bunched Wimbledon Cluster (featured above) for its cloud-inspired influences and playful statement look.

10 | Office Lighting

Mood Booster

Certain commercial and residential office environments can be a source of motivation and with the right lighting; boost work performance and mood. So we suggest getting creative with your work spaces, switch up your office lighting with modern pillar lights or embrace mood-lifting pops of colour with our coloured glass option. Cluster hanging lights, chandeliers and rod pendant fixtures also enhance offices, workspaces and meeting rooms to an exceptional degree.

Our adjustable wall lights also deserve a notable mention for their functionality and flexibility. Features definitely worth investing in when it comes to the office.

Top Seasonal Pick: Bickley Pendant Light, for its sheer versatility and its extensive range of vibrant colours to choose from.

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