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Meet Our Lighting Designer: Andrew Print

Our co-founder and lighting designer Andrew is an open book when it comes to all areas of lighting design…we speak to him about Leverint Lighting, the inspiration behind his pendant, wall, cluster collections and bespoke designs and why lighting is so integral to curating the perfect interior. Working from both his creative studio in Malvern and the London workshop, he and the rest of the design team accommodate clients and create the ideal bespoke solution for them, reflecting both their inner style and personal vision. 

Let’s start from the beginning, how did you end up in the design industry?

I always knew i’d end up in some form of design sector,  since i was child i loved building, creating, designing, the whole creative process kept my energy focussed and when the end results came- and you have something tangible, worthwhile that you’ve curated from the depths of your imagination, there’s no other greater feeling than that.. other than creating it for someone else, which is where i ultimately found myself in the design industry. Lighting and the atmosphere it creates, i always associated it with emotions, memories, warmth, with the power to completely transform a space. So when I accepted my first lighting design job, the relief I got through finding my calling was immediate. Designing came naturally to me, but that isn’t to say I didn’t have to hone my skills over the years. 

What made you start your own lighting company? 

I noticed there was a gap in the market for authentic, British-made lighting, with high quality materials that harness a durable yet adventurous, artistic quality to them. Handcrafted and bespoke, that was where my vision was at and both John and Lee shared that sentiment, enabling Leverint Lighting to be the very embodiment of our collective vision. We wanted a luxury, lighting experience that would champion British craft, high quality customer service and a flawless process for all aspects of the journey. 

How important is lighting when it comes to creating atmospheres? 

Very important, if not the most. When it comes to our clients, they need a lighting solution that will contrast with the natural light in the summer and spring months but create the ideal, cosy aesthetic in the autumn, winter nights. Most people spend a lot of time indoors watching movies, eating dinner together in the colder months and they desire these types of homely, luxurious atmospheres that can only be created by warm, novel illumination. It also has to highlight key features and blend with your scheme and style, there are so many details to consider when it comes to lighting your home. 

Where do you derive inspiration from for your designs? 

Nature and architecture are major influences when it comes to my and the teams lighting designs, we get our inspiration from natural habitats, sculptural builds, landmarks anything that inspires us. Every day i see concepts throughout London that with some intervention would work as a lighting design for a window display or a bespoke piece over a dining room table. In fact one of our contributing inspirations for our pendant range were the engineered train station landmarks dotted in and around London, in which we titled our collections after and drew inspiration from. It was a tribute of such to these incredible, engineered landmarks which reflect London’s heritage and craftsmanship so inherently.

Any tips for lighting your interiors? 

Oh so many-symmetry is an important one, so pairing traditional wall, surface light fittings, pendants or even pendant clusters either side of your bed, fireplaces, hallways, even portraits, creates that lovely welcoming feel with just the right balance of light. I think accentuating the room’s key features and ensuring it’s contextually right is extremely important, say if you have a dramatic centrepiece for your dining area or stairwell, pick a striking cluster chandelier that will deliver those results. For layered lighting in sitting rooms, kitchens, use a variety of pendant lights, wall lights or a bespoke design catered to your own personal style. Warm, inviting illumination is the key to the perfect aesthetic, it just depends on where and how it’s carried out. 

And finally, do you have a favourite in the Leverint Lighting collection?   

Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be the ribbed Waterloo Pendant XL. Seeing it hand-blown at our workshop for the very first time was a profound moment in the Leverint journey. It opened my eyes to the sheer skill our glassmakers possess and how handcrafted lighting is worth every expenditure, every lengthy process- because the end results are truly magnificent, they’re worth waiting for and you just can’t get that same level of attention to detail, intricacy and longevity, when it comes to mass manufactured products. We pride ourselves on exquisite materials, high quality processes and that’s exactly what our Waterloo and other collections live up to. 

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