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5 bespoke lighting ideas and tips that make a statement in the home

We all love to make a striking impact in our homes and lights – more often than not, are the unsung heroes of statement-making interiors… Lovely luminosity can manifest an atmosphere, serve a touch of drama and not only that, seek to create a sense of centrality which many feel drawn to. With the right […]

Bespoke lighting with Style Sister Charlotte

Lighting Project Recap with Charlotte Reddington-Smith over in Epping, Essex. When renovating and decorating other people’s homes there needs to be a palpable degree of understanding between client and interior designer and when it comes to bespoke lighting, the same rules apply. In creating a signature light, our lighting designers assess several components i) does […]

Dopamine decor: Lighting ideas and inspiration to boost your mood all year round

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keefe For some, gone are the days of muted palettes and all-neutral spaces and suddenly its all about colour, shading, playful palettes and feel-vibrations… one of the emerging trends […]

4 key Q&As about Leverint’s new partnership

There’s no denying clarity is of paramount importance when it comes to brands; we want to know the origins, the designer’s influences, how sustainable their methods were in regards to their approach and durability, were their processes ethical? With Leverint’s glassblowing team steeped in British history and a century-long heritage embroiled in British engineering– we […]

5 reasons to fall in love with this contemporary take on modern luxe lighting

If you love a contemporary take on modern luxury then you’ll be heavily invested in our Temple lighting range – a collection of speciality lighting that combines salient glass architecture with a whole host of iconic, style-conscious elements. Revamping your residential and commercial spaces within your homes, hotels, shops, offices and eateries has never looked […]

Seasonal kitchen inspiration: 8 fresh looks for Spring

new season, new decor…Spring has finally sprung and with a new season rearing, fresh blooms and endless hours of sunshine arriving (fingers crossed, it is Britain after all) we revisit 8 beautiful kitchen interiors to keep you feeling inspired for the year ahead. From contemporary minimalism to rustic country kitchen charm, our previous projects all […]

Case Study With An Interior Designer : Bespoke Kitchen Lighting

A recent family build project based in Wakefield gave our Leverint team the opportunity to create a central lighting showpiece for a modern kitchen island. Partnering up with fabulous interior designer Jessica May Designs, they co-created and tailored a kitchen lighting fixture loaded with style, elegant finesse and salient luminosity for the downstairs open space. […]

A Century-Old Legacy Of Glassblowing Craft And Pioneering

Amidst our many ceiling pendants, wall lights and clusters, the extensive bodywork of our archway depicts how much sheer skill and scale in which our glassmakers attain to. There is no margin for error when it comes to the process, every light is matched to its specified bodywork, reflecting the finesse and professionalism of our […]

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